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2024 Faber University Pickleball Team Announced

April 17, 2024. Associated Press.

Faber University released its starting squad for the 2024 Pickleball season. Looking to improve on its 0-18 record from 2023, the 2024 squad will be led by returning seniors D-Day and Blutarwsky. Coach Wormer is optimistic the 2024 team will surpass the missed expectations from last year. "The team has been removed from the double secret probationary status, and the team will actually be allowed to use the school's facilities and practice. We might surprise a few of our opponents this season." The on campus rivalry with Omega Theta Pi, the defending national champions, will be a game to mark on your calendars to not miss on May 24. Faber team captain, John Blutarwsky, is optimistic about the 2024 squad and its chances to be chosen again to host the post match festivities. Pressed to elaborate on his thoughts leading into the season, the gritty eight-year Senior stated, "Toga, Toga, Toga."

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2024 Faber University Pickleball Team

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