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How We All Can Make a Difference in a Pickleball Experience.

February 12, 2024

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When it comes to Pickleball, the game is not just about volleys and serves—it’s also about camaraderie, sportsmanship, and having a blast on the court. As you become a seasoned and skilled player, you can capture more meaningful moments in your Pickleball life than smashing the ball at the new and less-skilled player across the net.

We all started out not knowing the heads or tails of Pickleball. We looked dazed when we heard new strange sounding words like Ernie, Nasty Nelson, ATP, and just who is this Ben Johns guy? We all look back fondly at those early days of our first lessons, first matches, first friends, and of course all those days of losing, learning, losing, laughing, and learning.

Our first positive experiences were critical in our decisions to continue playing the sport. When you find yourself teamed up or matched against a new player, or maybe players below your skill level, you will have the power to create a lasting impression in that player’s Pickleball experience.  If you use the opportunity to share your enthusiasm for the game, offer some tips and explain why you are doing things, slow your game down to work on some of your basic skills, you will be giving back to the sport you love, and making new friends in the process. And don’t forget, in no time that newbie will be smiling at you when they start making those winning shots, and you can smile back, knowing it was you that taught them those skills.

Play on friends, play on. Every Day we are on the Court is a Blessing.



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